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The Challengers exceeds one million euros at the Italian box office

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United It asserts itself at the top of the Italian box office and collects another 371 thousand euros for a good total of 1.1 million. They also remain on the platform trust With 205 thousand euros and 619 thousand in total Back to blackWhich raises another 171 thousand euros and rises to 1.5 million.

Ghostbusters – The Icy Menace It ranks fourth with 167 thousand euros and 2.2 million euros. Civil war He gets €141k and rises to €1.2m, still very strong Kung Fu Panda 4 A total of 132 thousand euros and 11.1 million euros. Good A separate world Which raises another 117 thousand euros for the 6.5 million they close Mischief at homeFor 112 thousand euros and 706 thousand euros in total and animation LucaWith 52 thousand euros and 153 thousand in total SpyX Family – Code: WhiteFor 47 thousand euros and 178 thousand in total.

Our box office
$6.2 million debut for United In America, also taking into account takings from previews, the film appears to have met analyst expectations and earned $15 million over the weekend. Second place for Unknown herowhich received 3.6 million, in this case also adding excerpts from the evening and night previews and those from some of the previous events.

Civil war The third-place mark on Friday was 1.9 million, bringing its total to 51, while Godzilla and Kong: The New Empire It stops at 1.7 million, bringing the rich total to 176.2 million. Expected drop in new entries last week, AbigailWhich totals 1.5 million and rises to 15 million and Ministry of brutal warWhich gets 1.1 million and rises to 12.6. Super classic alienreturns to the top 10 45 years after its official debut with a total of about 606 thousand.

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Thus, as widely expected, there is a decidedly weak weekend in terms of takings, the classic “calm before the storm” period of May, with the start of the American summer.

Box office in Italy on Saturday, April 27, 2024
1. United: 371,899 euros
2. trust: 205,838 euros
3. Back to black: 171,180 euros
4. Ghostbusters – The Icy Menace: 167,916 euros
5. Civil war: 141,704 euros
6. Kung Fu Panda 4: 132,689 euros
7. A separate world: 117,124 euros
8. Mischief at home: 112,505 euros
9. Luca: 51,990 euros
10. SpyX Family – Code: White: 47,845 euros

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