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Marvel, fans are now sure that not everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is unmissable

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When does content become too much? If you are a fan of Weird thingsThat’s a debate that’s been going on all weekend, ever since the first volume of season four was released on Netflix. On the other hand, if you are more fond of Marvel Cinematic UniverseWe may already know the answer to this question.

The advent of the Disney+ era has certainly fueled the desire for it New film and television projects with a higher level in terms of the invested budgetNot long ago, chief executive officer Victoria Alonso revealed that Marvel Studios currently has more than 30 feature films and series in various stages of development, pre-production and/or filming.

A totally insane scenario that presents a very real risk that some of the offerings from Marvel Studios are deemed unnecessary. In the worst case, we can talk about a real surplus, so that even the most ardent supporters who buy superheroes in the cinema and on the small screen are beginning to suffer greatly. For this reason, it was discussed on Reddit Whether or not everything that comes out of the production house that Kevin Feige runs is a mandatory vision After reading the comments, several interesting points of view and perspectives emerged.

On average, audiences are more likely to miss watching movies than TV shows, and that’s just because that’s what we’re used to doing with the MCU so far. Blockbuster movies with big budgets that require appearing on the largest screen possible has been the way the industry has been operating for decades, while it could reasonably be said that Disney + exclusives can also be skipped from time to timeanyway WandaVision It seems to be directly related and prepare to see Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessfor example.

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What do you think? Are all appointments with Marvel Studios necessary? Let us know in the comments! Anyway, the next Marvel products on the way are Mrs. Marvel on Disney Plus in 10 days And the Love bull and thunder in the hall.

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