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Before the attack on Congress, there was a detailed plan for the coup in favor of Trump-

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The New York Times and the Guardian revealed that the 38-page document was written by a Trump-backed former army colonel.

a Former colonel in the Texas ArmySupporter Donald Trump, eveThe attack on Congress on January 6thThey made a detailed plan To overturn the outcome of the presidential election that won Joe Biden And let Trump stay in power. The new disturbing element that emerged in the context of the investigation committee’s investigations is the investigation into what happened during those dramatic hours. The document was handed over to the committee by the former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, who claimed to have received it via email but never did anything to him. The attack on Congress was carried out by Trump supporters, including military and police officers who were subsequently arrested.

In the 38-page presentation under review by the committee—the New York Times and Guardian report— It is recommended that the former president immediately declare a state of emergency for reasons of national security In order to delay the confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory by the Senate, scheduled for January 6.

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