September 28, 2023

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The Canadian Chamber has approved special measures against the freedom convoy struggle

Canadian Chamber Monday Approved, Received 185 votes in favor and 151 votes against, adopting special measures against the independence movement, the struggle against the restrictions on the corona virus that has been blocking the country’s capital, Ottawa, for about a month. For 30 days, special measures granting extraordinary powers to the police to stop the protests were implemented and implemented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week, although he has yet to be confirmed by parliament. Senate Will be voted on in the next few days). These measures are part of what is known as the Emergency Act: among other things, they allow the bank accounts of protesters to be blocked, and this is the first time in Canada’s history that the government has adopted them to curb anti-government protests.

Trudeau, who heads the minority government, has the support of his party, the Liberal Party of Canada, and the New Democratic Party. On the contrary, the opposition Conservative Party and Quebec’s French nationalist left-wing nationalist party, Black Quebecois, voted against special measures, according to which special measures threaten civil rights.

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