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The bill’s reward extended to another 600,000 families. I see, the income threshold goes up to get the discount

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aid to families With me low income to pay Invoices will be strengthened. In the maneuver that will be approved at the beginning of next week, the government will expand the audience of beneficiaries social reward. There are still several hypotheses on the table. The first and fastest application is to increase the Isee threshold to get a direct discount on the bill virtually 30 percent.

Today this reduction is up to those who have Show up to a maximum of 12 thousand euros. It can reach 15 thousand euros. In this way, the social bonus will reach another 600,000 households, which will be added to the 2.5 million households already covered by the electricity bonus today, and to the 1.5 million households currently receiving the gas bonus. But the government will not rule out the possibility of introducing the already used family quotient into the Quadruple Assistance Ordinance for the new 90 percent social bonus on bills when the renovation includes a single-family home.

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This will be a dual mechanism. The electricity and gas social bonus, in this hypothesis, will be for those with a maximum income of 15,000 euros. However, if there are two components to the kernel, a “coefficient” of exactly two will apply. This means that the total family income for the purposes of the bonus will only be considered for half (so the income for access to the bonus will rise to 30,000 euros). In the case of a nucleus with a dependent child, the income will be divided by 2.5 and, accordingly, the maximum income for assistance will rise to 37,500 euros. From the third child onwards, the income will be divided by four, so the maximum bonus income will rise to €60,000. However, this mechanism must deal with the fiscal compliance and limited coverage available for the government’s energy package (21 billion in total).

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It was the Minister of Economy himself, Giancarlo Giorgetti, who explained that for the social reward of energy he would have preferred a mechanism other than Isee. But what are the bonus amounts? In the case of electricity bills, for a family of one or two people, the quarterly discount is 264 euros. For a family of three to four people, the direct reduction in the electricity bill is currently €321. While for large families, from four people, the discount affects 378 euros. With regard to gas, however, the social bonus depends not only on the size of the family, but also on the climatic region of residence. For climate zones A and B, where the temperatures are milder, the bonus is €276 per quarter. For Zones F, where temperatures are cooler, the gas bonus can be up to €1,436 per quarter.

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It should not be forgotten that in addition to boosting social rewards, the government’s maneuver will also extend for another three months a zero fee system which alone accounts for more than 20 percent of the final electricity and gas bill. The combination of bonuses and zero system fees has so far prevented the bills of the weaker segments of the population from experiencing increases. So the procedure will be repeated and strengthened.

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