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Research exchange, business start-up comparison for “the future of science”

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(Teleborsa) – “The direct cooperation Among universities and companies is an increasingly topical topic: aLiterally joining around a table Researchers and innovators mean faster answers to the needs of our time, but also the exploitation of extraordinary resources such as those in PNRR with tangible implications for the youth employability, Corporate competitiveness and, more generally, quality of life for all of us. The Emblema Foundation, together with the Research Exchange, wants to make a tangible contribution to the birth of this collaboration, by organizing hundreds of appointments within the Forum, but also with dozens of initiatives already scheduled for the next year that will involve universities and companies from across the country.” Tommaso Aiello, head Emblem FoundationSubmit Thirteenth edition of the research exchange, forAn event organized by the Emblema Foundation in cooperation with the University of Salerno and with the support of the Campania region, which will start in October 4 on the campus of the University of Salerno in Fisciano.

He stressed that “the research exchange project highlights the potential for making connections between all champions of innovation.” Vincenzo Loya, Rector of the University of Salerno – In this intersection of skills, everyone puts their expertise into play: institutions, researchers, companies, start-ups, public and private investors. Synthesizing new knowledge is proving to be an important component of providing young people and our male and female students with an accurate map on how to orient themselves toward their future in the world of work, how to learn to foster business ideas, and on how to turn them into an opportunity.”

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In the plenarydedicated to this edition of the topic “The future of science” It will be attended by Vincenzo Loya, President of the University of Salerno, Tommaso Aiello, President of the Emblima Foundation and Research Exchange Coordinator, and Valeria Faccioni, Consultant for Innovation, Startup and Internationalization in the Campania region. In addition, the 3M State of Science Index, the research conducted by 3M worldwide on the future of science, will be presented as an absolute preview of Italy.

3M investigation will be explained by Mark Routier, Vice President, Southeast Europe and President of 3M Italy Commented by Carlo Alberto Carnival Maffei, President of the Riccagioia Foundation, Luigi Gallo, Director of the Invitalia Innovation District, Anna Leonardi, Italian Public Affairs for STMicroelectronics and Filippo d’Arba, CEO of Technological District Sicilia Micro and Nano Sistemi .

Works will be coordinated by Antonio Petrosanto, Delegate of the Third Mission and Research Promotion at the University of Salerno and Daniela Allegani, cice president and general secretary of the 3M Foundation.

Also for this edition, the importance of the forum is attested by the numbers: they will actually participate 30 universities from 14 regions, Among others there will be S. Anna Secondary School, University of Catania, U4I Foundation, University of Calabria, PoliHub. Structures between undergraduate startups and spin offs will be more than 100 and above 60 Participating companies, including A2A, Barilla, Huawei, Invitalia, Leonardo, Pfizer, Melinda.

Research exchange – explains the note – is an initiative created to facilitate technology transfer and economic support for research in a concrete way. The goal of the event, in fact, It promotes communication and dialogue between the world of university research (groups, departments, start-ups and spin-offs) with companies, incubators and investors from the public and private sectors, By coordinating an original interaction.

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real support center innovation and growth of the state system, to engage A large number of facts in the logic of open innovation.

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