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Calcio RSM, the search for leader La Fiorita begins once again facing Pennarossa

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Libertas-Tre Penne is expected on Friday evening. Faetano-Juvenes Dogana match is interesting


Republic of San Marino
| 16:35 – November 24, 2022

Calcio RSM, the search for leader La Fiorita begins once again facing Pennarossa

After the national team stopped on Titano, he got up San Marino Championship BKN301. Unlike the major European tournaments, which have been suspended to make way for the World Cup in Qatar, San Marino is actually playing and will continue for several weeks. In fact, there are still four championship rounds left before 2022 closes in. A tournament that is proving to be an exciting one that is currently taking place. Driving in La Fiorita. Gialloblù +2 on their pursuers but they still have to keep an eye on the 15th minute rest session. On this 10th Monteguardino’s team faces Penarosa on Saturday. Chiesanuova’s team, after a great start with three straight wins, could no longer find the success it had been missing for over two months. Moreover, after the defeat against Faetano in the last round, the club decided to The dismissal of coach Andrea Fabigioli. The name of the successor – which the company is communicating with on social media – will happen in the next few hours.

However, the tournament menu opens with very tempting entrees. In fact, one of San Marino’s football classics will be played in Montecchio on Friday night: Derby Libertas Tree Penny. The Grenadiers come to the match with a change on the bench: following the sacking of Gabriel Cardini, The new coach is Floriano Sprindio Which thus returns to the bench in the San Marino Championship. In fact, Borgo’s team is not going through a good moment, losing victory since October 8 (2-1 at Tre Fiore). The City team, on the other hand, is only three lengths away from first place and is in the championship The only undefeated team (Five wins and three draws).

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Saturday in the field is also a day The Cosmos played the match against Fiorentino. Yellowish Green is currently second in arm’s length with Tre Fiori and, as mentioned, only two lengths from Fiorita. Nicola Berardi’s team is healthy with three wins in the last four and can also count on the best attack in the tournament (17 goals scored by Prandelli and his partners). Fiorentino, on the other hand, come in at the back of the group but have collected four points in the last three matches, and also stopped Tre Penne from drawing in the last matchday.

He doesn’t want to interrupt his run instead Tre Fury facing Domagnano on Saturday. In fact, Andy Silva’s team comes from Four straight wins Which allowed her to climb to second place in the ranking. On the other hand, the Giallorossi wolves are returning from a break with Cosmos, but before that match they had accumulated valuable points (five in three matches).

The Saturday program concludes with a challenge between Folgore and Kailungu, the match to be played at 18:30 at Montecchio Stadium. Both teams came from defeating Folgore by an even of three and They are looking for points to move up the rankings that you currently see in the lowlands.

There will only be two challenges scheduled for Sunday. faces Virtus Morata, With Luigi Bizzotto’s team looking for more points to enter the top regions of the standings. Currently me greenblacks I’m in fifth place, just four points off the top, They only lost one game in the league (2-1 with Trey Fury in the second round) and have won three of the last four. Speech varies instead for Morata, currently in the penultimate position of the group and having four consecutive defeats. On the other hand, the challenge between Faetano and Juvenes-Dogana is interesting. The Girolomoni’s yellow and blue are among the funniest of all thanks to goodness Four straight wins Which pushed them to sixth place. On the other hand, Amati’s team plays a role in the rally swinging It currently ranks tenth with eight points. San Giovanni is located at this juncture.

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