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The Bikeriders: The Drama is in cinemas from June 19

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The 2023 feature film tells the stories of the members of an up-and-coming motorcycle club, which turns into a gang

arrives in Italian cinemas Wednesday June 19, 2024 CyclistsIt is a 2023 drama film directed by Jeff Nichols and distributed by Universal Pictures. It was written by the same director, who also directed He takes refuge, clay And Loving, is a project the author has had in his drawer for years: he always wanted to tell a story about bikers in the 1960s. The film is based on the 1968 photography book of the same name by Danny Lyon. The author told with pictures the life of the Chicago motorcycle gang of the DC Outlaws.

Cyclists, conspiracy

the Biker movie It tells the story of a motorcycle club: they went from outsiders, within a decade, to a real gang. Cathy part of Vandals And married to Penny, a biker who loves danger. The woman tries to keep her nerve and also “put up with” the relationship she has with her husband Johnny, the leader of the gang. The life of the Vandals becomes progressively more dangerous and the three will have to make important decisions, both regarding their stay in the club and regarding their relationship.


the Technical staff It features many actors who are very popular at the moment, e.g Butler Austinwhich we saw in the second chapter of Dune, Norman ReedusStar walking deadAnd Michael ShannonPresent in all Jeff Nichols’ films. Here’s the full cast with their characters:

  • Jodie Comer It’s Cathy
  • Butler Austin It’s Benny
  • Tom Hardy It’s Johnny
  • Michael Shannon It’s ZEPCO
  • Mike Feast It’s Danny
  • Norman Reedus this is funy
  • Sonny Boyd Holbrook It’s Cal
  • Damon Herriman It’s Bruce
  • Bo Knapp It’s wahoo
  • Emory Cohen It’s a cockroach
  • Karl Glusman It’s Corky
  • Toby Wallace It’s the child
  • Paul Sparks He is the leader of Gary Rouge
  • Paul Dillon He is the child’s father
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