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Baresi, I hope the Nobel Prize will be useful for Italy to understand the value of science – physics and mathematics

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“Thank you everyone for this beautiful medal, I hope it will be useful for Italy to emphasize the importance of science in our country.” Giorgio Baresi said this immediately after receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics from Sapienza University in Rome. It was handed over by the Swedish ambassador, Jan Björklund, to a standing ovation. “I would like to dedicate the Nobel Prize to Nicolas Capepo, who transmitted to me knowledge, but also a love of science,” Parisi later stated.

The physicist also thanked the Nobel Foundation “for the very prestigious company with which we have been honored, with climate scientists who have warned of the dangers of climate change,” he said, referring to the other winners, Siokoro Manabe and Klaus Hesselmann, with whom she splits the prize, with a total value of nearly one million euros. He added, “Thank you all for the affection you showed with this very warm applause,” addressing the audience who accompanied and stood for a few minutes to hand over the medal and diploma with enthusiastic applause.

“Freedom of Research Award”: For University and Research Minister Maria Cristina Mesa who attended the award ceremony, the Nobel Prize is above all. “A signal to reaffirm important aspects of science” and “a call not to underestimate the use of science.” Baresi “deserves credit for her belief in the Italian University,” said the president of the Sapienza University of Rome, Antonella Pollimini, during the opening ceremony.

Giorgio Baresi’s research has always been “curiosity-driven” and has led to useful applications in many areas, and their Nobel Prize makes this “a day of great enthusiasm for the country,” the physicist explained. During the Nobel ceremony.

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