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War in Ukraine, no compensation for National Bank Trust (Sponsored by Bruce Willis) scam: ‘Now it is owned by Moscow’

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there national bank credit, sponsored by Bruce Willis in one commercial In 2011, she won’t be able to get any compensation after her bosses defrauded her of hundreds of millions of pounds in 2014. Reason: I saved her before Russian Central Bank It is therefore feared that this money will end up financing Putin’s war. write it on guardian Noting that in the year 2020Supreme Court of Justice London that the Russian bank will get a Maxi compensation 735 million pounds By the three owners involved. But now, since it is owned by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the recovered money can go directly to the Russian state coffers, financing the invasion in Ukraine.

“The trust is just like me. Except it’s a bank,” the actor said in the ad, just as the institute’s heads were – as the British newspaper explains – carrying out a hundreds of millions of pounds scam. Money was paid into bank vaults by customers and large sums were actually transferred around the world in the form of loans to a network of offshore company. Willis, whose family announced earlier this year that the actor suffers from a neurological disorder, was unaware of the pattern. “The government must reassure the British public that Penalties It is applied to all “friends” Kremlin Without exception, the National Bank Trust is not in a position to help Putin fund his fund. If so, they should be punished immediately Christine Garden Treasury spokesman who asked parliamentary questions about the file. The External Office It announced economic sanctions against the Russian Central Bank on February 28, four days after the invasion of Ukraine.

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