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The best live films of Juliette Binoche, star of The Taste of Things

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The great French actress returns to Italian cinemas with a classy and exciting film. Here are the streaming movies that have made her a global icon over the years.

It returns to Italian theaters in a remarkable way Taste of thingsWe want to devote today’s in-depth analysis to the five Streaming movies to “divine” Juliette BinocheShe is one of the most important actresses that international cinema has been able to admire in recent decades. Capable of winning an Oscar (The English Patient) and Best Actress awards at the three major festivals in Cannes, Venice and Berlin, Binoche has given us performances of rare expressive power since the 1980s, as her latest film confirms. All we have to do is leave you with the titles we have chosen for you, wishing you happy reading as usual.

Five streaming movies starring Juliette Binoche, star of The Taste of Things

  • The unbearable lightness of existence
  • Pont Neuf lovers
  • Harm
  • Three colors – blue film
  • Cosmopolis

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988)

With her first international film, Binoche immediately had the opportunity to engage with such a personal auteur Philip Kaufman And above all an actor with crystalline talent like Daniel Day Lewis. It certainly doesn’t sound bad, far from it. with Lena Olin The three make an exceptional cast, making D.J The unbearable lightness of existence A wonderful adaptation of Milan Kundera’s literary masterpiece. An Academy Award nomination for Best Unoriginal Screenplay for a powerful, nuanced and polished film in the style of a filmmaker who has always had a special vision. To be admired unconditionally. Available on Google Apps, Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video.

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Lovers of Pont Neuf (1990)

After his guidance Leos Carax In the movie that launched it, that is Blood redBinoche reunites with a visionary filmmaker thanks to a raucous melodrama set in almost dazzlingly beautiful Paris. Pont Neuf lovers Thus, it turns into an impossible borderline love story that combines the pain of living, romance, and a narrative and aesthetic courage that was only possible in those years. Next to the hero A Denis Lavant Precious and wild, which supports her in one of her most intense performances. Probably the cult title of Binoche’s entire filmography. An exciting and enveloping film. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Damage (1991)

Another excellent collaboration with Genius Louis Mal In an adaptation of Josephine Hart’s novel Scandal. Harm The actress is seen in an intense duet with Jeremy Irons, with whom they form a sensual and excitingly painful pair of secret lovers. Polished theatricality and restrained, intense emotions of a film that is sometimes really complicated to sustain on an emotional level. Natasha Richardson She won an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, excellent in supporting the capital performances of the lead actors. With an ending that remains among the most heartbreaking moments in contemporary cinema history. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Three Colors – Blue Movie (1993)

Binoche’s Volpi Cup and the Golden Lion in the first chapter of the precious trilogy Krzysztof Kisławwski. Three colors – blue film It is a drama about loss and its treatment that is frozen in a cinematic form of unprecedented composure and elegance, a union of form and content. Binoche’s performance fits perfectly with the great director’s idea of ​​cinema, as he manages to find a precious and beautiful balance in its fragility. A sensitive film that miraculously transforms into aesthetics. How great European auteur cinema was, this is a clear example. Available on Rakuten TV, kiloGoogle Play, Apple iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video.

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Cosmopolis (2012)

Among the many excellent collaborations done by Binoche, we have chosen to collaborate with the greats David Cronenberg One of his best films of the new millennium. Cosmopolis It’s a hallucinatory and terrifying journey into New York madness, detailed above all by thrilling voice work. The actress plays along with excellent Robert Pattersonl Paul JI love you, Kevin Durand And many other actors who were perfectly directed by the Canadian genius. Cosmopolis is a complex and haunting adaptation by De Lillo, but precisely for that reason it’s impossible to ignore. A film that suffocates, strikes, and entertains without any compromises. Truly a work that deserves to be completely re-evaluated. Available on Rakuten TV, Google Play, Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video, Playing rai.

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