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‘85% of prenatal checks are wrong’: how many miscarriages are there?

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the‘Investigation It is one of those that will be discussed for weeks: The New York Times He published a long article in which he stated that a series of pregnancy tests have certified cases that are not found in fetuses. Embryos that in some cases could have been aborted due to medical tests that proved to be wrong. But let’s go in order.

The subject of the investigative activity of the American newspaper is precisely Pre-Natalie Test. Above all, the figure is scandalous: for the newspaper, 85% of test results do not provide correct information. To establish the facts, that is, the birth of some children, would be to deny what was reported by the analyzes that were carried out before the arrival of many into the world. But there is above all one aspect of concern: the following in terms of the choices families make after learning about this or that genetic condition of their unborn child.

Pay attention to this one that’s nothing but the details: Prenatal screening tests aren’t only done in the United States. In fact, these are analyzes that have also been transmitted outside the American context, including Europe. This contributes to the scale of this scandal my world.

One of the events recalled in the study was also described through a story – the same event also cited the paper – which can only leave you speechless: “After a year of fertility treatments – He reads, in one of the stories which are offered to the general public – Yael Geller was thrilled to learn that she was pregnant. After the ultrasound, she was sure she could tell her three-year-old that her brother or sister was in her tummy. But a few weeks later, the doctor’s office called her.”

And at this point the story seems to have become typical of a phenomenon that will be particularly large-scale, given at hand: “The blood test showed that the fetus was missing a chromosome and that this would lead to severe mental illness and disorder. The next day, the doctors used a needle to extract a small piece of the placenta. The blood test was wrong.” still: “He now has a six-month-old baby, named Emmanuel, who is showing no signs of the condition that she has tested for.” How many children who have had different fates due to prenatal tests have they reported Genetic diseases Actually does not exist? This is the main question that can accompany only the reader of the New York Times investigation.

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question, in United States of America, is particularly sensitive, also to the debate that has arisen over individual legislation for Republican states trying to strengthen ties regarding abortion practices, especially after Joe Biden’s victory in the White House. But on the background of the investigation of The New York Times Eugenics also dwells on the ease with which one tends, in the modern age, to choose who will come into the world and who will not, on purely health grounds.

“Imperfect suppression”, as it is called, is one of the topics that the Catholic Church and Pope Francesco They arose in the context of this papacy with a certain continuity. check up right Now It appears to be of assistance to those who believe that the contemporary world has made practices that tend to choose prenatally fixed in their culture.

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