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Carlos Sainz, Fear for Father and Son: The Terror in Their Eyes | “Stolen” video

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Carlos Sainz, the amazing video shot with his dad left everyone speechless. They both had a really bad time at that turn

The Ferrari driver was born into the family, given that his father is one of the most famous Spanish motorsport champions. This time they wanted to share a truly amazing experience, as evidenced by the photos on Instagram.

Carlos Sainz –

When you have a world rally champion father in the family, everything becomes easier if you want to pursue a career as a driver. Carlos Sainz grew up baking and flying, with his namesake father paving his way since childhood. Carlos Sainz Sr. was born in 62 and won the World Radio Championship twice, in 90 and 92, In addition to three editions of Dakar. The totem of Spanish cars is also a reference point for other important figures in the Spanish car Motorsports.

Just think of what was advertised marc marquez, The one who once moved to Madrid spoke of the help he received from his more experienced compatriot in adapting in the capital.

Just proximity with Carlos Sainz Sr. allowed to No. 93 To also make friends with the son, the current classmate at Locklear in ferrari.

Carlos Sainz, a passion he inherited from his father: a family of winning drivers

Class 94 of Madrid He is in his third year with jumping horseafter going through other experiences in Formula 1 with Toro Rosso, Renault and McLaren. The fruit of the academy Red Bull to compete Verstappen And Perez. at this point Maranello It’s his home and he seems to be having a great time there. On Instagram he always posts some funny videos about some workouts in the gym or his “Italian” life experiences.

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Sainz Formula 1 –

a while ago Sainz sent all of his fans into ecstasyhe publishes a video in which he participated on the track with his father.

The two ended up driving one Ferrari supercar at the Fiorano circuittaking turns behind the wheel and positioning those seated on the passenger side in apparent difficulty.

Carlos Sainz, what a video with his dad: the two at the Fiorano circuit

The video depicts Carlos Sainz on one wheel Ferrari The way between smiles and tips exchanged. At some point you hear an exclamation point “Brake, brake, be careful”From son to father. Even on the contrary, there were no alerts accompanied by manifestations of genuine fear.

Carlos Sainz sr –

In addition to completely trusting the other, when you find yourself in the passenger seat, it is not always easy to have the necessary peace of mind.

Despite the age, too The two-time World Rally Champion showed all his impressive experiencepushing to the limit between barriers in his home rink Ferrari. You only need to look at Instagram to understand what we are talking about. Fun guaranteed.

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