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The automated vaccine robot that does not use the needle comes from Canada

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Already finished? With this question, she was surprised to find that the child testimonial of the ad, published in the mid-80s, did not feel pain after receiving a stick. This phrase, which later became a truly cached phrase that has not yet been completely forgotten, could easily be re-proposed in the future by those who are afraid of needles or even the slightest pain. A Canadian startup, actually created A robot capable of delivering drugs or vaccines without the use of needles And complete autonomy.

Kobe, Robotic Nurse

Robot vaccine, by name Kobe, Developed by the founding company Copionics, born at the University of Waterloo, and made by hand, powered by precision servomotors. The robot is guided by the lidar system, A sensor similar to that used in the most recent iPhone models that allows the creation of a 3D map of the patient’s body and surroundings. With this system, Kobe can understand where the patient is, the position of his body, including the hand, and the path to safe access.

Needle-free puncture

Upon reaching the patient, the robot simply places its mechanical hand on the skin and injects the fluid, which naturally goes under the skin through existing micro-pores. In this way, in addition to show no needles, This system avoids causing pain or discomfort, So the patient will only feel the tendon entry of the product. Also, the robot can ask users to show their ID card so that the subject can identify and select the installed treatment.

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Help against Govt
The creators of the robot said, “Autonomous solutions like Kobe are possible To protect health workers”Is widely used in vaccine campaigns, as well as“ reducing health costs and improving patient outcomes ”. In particular, it would have been useful in the daily work of Antonella Spica, head of the Barry ASL mobile division, which is famous for delivering twenty-three thousand anti-Govt vaccines in Buglia. Unfortunately, the company warns that the robot will not be fully operational for two years, but, given the persistence of the health crisis, there may still be time to “enter the field” in the fight against the corona virus.

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