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Italian Hockey League, Caldaro awaits Varese in the main round. At stake is a potential top spot in the cozy area of ​​Bergen

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A busy week for IHL which gets back on track on Saturday after midweek on Thursday. In the main round the standings are roughly divided into two with the top three in contention, in the qualifying round there is a big battle for third place (which deserves the playoffs) but not only that.

Rest time for league leaders Bergen, who will still open their Trentino ice rink to their fans to celebrate the Italian Cup they won on Sunday.

The main round starts at 7.30pm with Caldaro-Varese, an instant payback compared to the Coppa Italia semi-final. The Pike arrives after the great success in the derby against Appiano and they want to continue what they did on Thursday.In a match in which they scored five goals from the same number of different scorers, which once again showed the strength of their team. The match is a true playoff, not only for potential first place given Bergin's +2, but also for second place with the two teams tied in the standings. Varese arrives there after a week of work on the track and a rest session on Thursday, as well as a great desire to make up for the defeat he suffered last Saturday. As always, Czernecki's team will focus on the defense led by goalkeeper Birla and on the attack that can make the difference in the first two lines against any opponent.

At 8.30pm, Aligi hosts Appiano in a playoff aimed at determining fourth place, With the Owls trailing the Pirates by one point. Both teams have always been beaten in the main round and will start again from this match to break the deadlock once and for all to attempt an all-important comeback. We have to erase the recent setbacks, with Appiano also being overtaken in the Coppa Italia during the semi-finals, and find some confidence for two teams that have shown excellent things in the first months of the regular season and therefore have the potential to turn around. Let's go.

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In the qualifying stage, there will be two matches scheduled, with Como Fiem postponed to Wednesday. At 7.30pm, we start with Veltri Bressanone, a match in which the Venice team would absolutely love to bounce back after the bad defeat to Cavalese. Feltre's team has already shown that they have great qualities and, also benefiting from the support of the friendly crowd, they want to cancel Thursday's boring test by focusing as always on their team and on an attack full of quality. Bressanone, having squandered the chance against Dobbiaco, knows they can't afford any more mistakes as Como is four points away. So the young Falcons will have to unite defensively and try to play at a high pace to achieve fundamental success in the battle for the playoffs.

At 8pm, Dobbiaco hosts Valbellice, in one of the last trains the two teams can take to try to get back to third place.. Pusteresi's team comes after an important success away from home in Bressanone, and is obliged to provide continuity, focusing on the confidence regained after the first defeats. However, beware of a Valpelles side that, despite coming back against Como and then being beaten in extra time, showed that it is constantly growing with many of its young players. An essential match for both teams.

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