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The arrival of National, Eschleman, Mott, and Egley

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Pending the start of the second week of World Cup preparations in Finland (May 13-29), with two friendlies scheduled in Bavaria against Germany, the national team Patrick Fischer can count on three new reinforcements: goalkeeper Sandro Eschlimann and defender Dominic Egli (both. from Davos). ) and Friborg striker Kilian Mutit. However, next week there will be three other players from Graubünden and Friborg who will join the group, veterans Andres Ambühl, Enzo Corvi and Reto Berra. “Given the strength of their season, given that all three were also present at the games, we decided to give them a few extra days off,” explains Patrick Fischer. Which, for now, will not initiate any staff reduction. “We still have to find the automatic, it would be really rush to send the guys home now,” adds the Rosocros selector.

Choosing a new rossocrociata
Goalkeepers (3): Sandro Eichlemann (Davos), Melvin Nyffeler (Rapperswill), Philip Füthrich (Bern).
defenders (9): Santeri Alatalo (Lugano), Noah Delmont (Piene), Dominic Egli (Davos), Michael Fora (Umbro Biota), Lucas Frick (Lausanne), Andrea Glauser (Lausanne), Roger Carrier (Geneva Servet), Simone LeCoulter (Geneva Servet). )), Roman Lovell (Lugano).
Attackers (15): Christophe Bercchi (Lausanne), Nando Eggenberger (Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers), Joshua Fahrni (Bern), Luca Fazzini (Lugano), Jason Fox (Lausanne), André Heim (Umbro-Biotta), Luca Hescher (Bein), Ken Jagger ( Lausanne), Mike Kunzel (statement), Marco Miranda (Geneva Servet), Kilian Mutit (Fribourg), Damien Reat (Lausanne), Noah Rudd (Geneva Servet), Tristan Cheroy (Bern), Calvin Thurkopf (Lugano).

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