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Over 50 not vaccinated? They will find you like this

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How does the government intend to enforcetax collection related mandatory vaccination for age group above 50? I’ll shoot right away €100 fine Made with the latest standards? Roberto Speranza, Minister of Health, returned to the topic on the occasion of question time in the January 12 room, first repeating the following (in Minute 29:38):

We must first and foremost continue to work with the vaccination campaign, especially for the elderly. For this, the government imposed a 50-year commitment.

Mandatory vaccination over 50: a list with transit data

The decision almost inevitably ignited a Discussion is not always calmWhether in public opinion or among the advocates of the political world. In this regard, it is worth noting the intervention of Federico Molicon, Vice-President of Forza Italia, who (Al Minute 42:30) Select the current context green koosSomeone hit scenario massacre of privacy Implemented by the government in the name of legalization of freedom By CTS, the A new ministry of truthAsks Italian Data Single Digital Sovereignty.

It is precisely in answer to the question that Minister of Health He gave some details regarding the measures adopted with the aim of enforcing the obligation, which are already included in the text of the decree.

Violation of vaccination for those over the age of 50, as is known, is subject to a fine. The application of this is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health which, for this purpose, will benefit from the Revenue Agency for operational files.

The Ministry of Health and the Tax and Fines Authority

I distressed parties (Those over 50 who have not been vaccinated) will end up in A List Collected by crossing personal data with those related to adherence to the vaccination campaign, and then sent torevenue agency.

The Ministry of Health will be responsible for preparing the lists of incompatible substances, as well as by obtaining information regarding the administration of vaccines obtained daily from the National Immunization Registry directly from the health card system. This information will also be useful for excluding exempt parties from the list of non-compliant parties.

Speranza added that in addition to using computerized systems for verification, the decree provides for a contradictory stage in accordance with the principles proclaimed by the Constitutional Court, and finally emphasizing that the fully prepared legislative framework complies with the provisions of General Data Protection Regulation at the European level.

The Department of Health, with the benefit of the Revenue Agency, will send a letter to non-compliant persons, who will be able to send any certificate regarding deferment or exemption from the vaccination obligation to the relevant ASL. The relevant standard complies with European Regulation 679 of 2016 on the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data.

The GDPR provides that health-related data can be processed for Preventive Medicine Purposes or for Objectives of the public interest in the health sector.

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