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The alarm for the most consumed food “What do we eat?” Crazy prices, change of diet

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The alarm is ringing in the supermarket for basic food and Italian families are worried.

Indeed, the danger is strong and let’s see what happens. Climate change and inflation create Real food alarm and many foods can disappear or become too expensive.


But in particular, there is really some kind of risk that it will disappear or become a kind of food for the rich.

Tomato Alert: Rising very strongly

The experts in the tomato production chain sounded the alarm.


And soon the prices will rise very quickly and bringing it to the table will be a problem for families. Let’s see what happens and the risks. In fact, the question is huge because Italy is the first tomato-producing country in Europe and the second in the world after ca. In short, we are talking about a very important economic reality that today risks exploding, and will overwhelm the habits of households. According to experts, prices risk going up a lot.

How much will a tomato sting cost for families

Experts assure that the increase in tomatoes is too heavy for Italian families precisely because in Italy there is a very large consumption of this food. This is of course This means that the sharp rise in prices will be another sting for families. Sales of the tomato industry are worth 4 billion annually, but production this year is down by 11%. Very strong decline due to climate change and inflation. This is just one of the many faces of global famine affecting the entire planet. Confagricoltura and the CIA – The Italian Farmers Union speak for themselves: Tomatoes can even be cut in half, which means fewer tomatoes and skyrocketing prices.

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How much can prices go up

But the tomato industry is also complaining of high rates of inflation. Tin cans or bottles exploded in price, as did a can of peeled tomatoes or tomato sauce For the end user, it costs a lot not only for tomato cost but also for transportation cost and packaging. According to Coldiretti, increases range from 400% to 1,000%. The problem is that the cost of packaging today is more than the cost of the product This means that the prices for the end user will go up a lot soon.

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