Home Top News From Grenier to Nullmeyer to Crawford is surprisingly ready

From Grenier to Nullmeyer to Crawford is surprisingly ready

From Grenier to Nullmeyer to Crawford is surprisingly ready

Thirteen North American athletes are expected to attend the 2022 Beijing Olympics in Canada to monitor alpine skiing.

Following in the footsteps of Norway and Germany, another important country has announced the names of the teams for the Games starting on February 4th. Full quota (received one of the most coveted quotas in the men’s category with Canada this week) and eight women at the start, including suspended players and youngsters. Erin Milczynski, in his fourth Olympics, will play in the slalom and probably in the team event, with two of the best athletes, Ali Nulmeyer, battling it out on stage until the Kronzskova exit in the sixth and 2nd heat. In the last race at Scotting, and with Amelia Smart, Lawrence Saint-Germain (who did not have a great season, but only one of the top 15 in the world) has the ability to surprise a quartet.

Giant Note ValĂ©rie Grenier, one step away from the first stage (fourth, just 7 cents from Bassino) was Kranjska Gora and undeniable talent, so PyeongChang sixth integrated from a very young age. He could have done better with Super-G and precision, where of course there would be Ronnie Remme, 21-year-old Cassidy Gray, who finished the team alongside “captain” Mary-Michael Cognon, captain of the Canadian team. His third participation in speed (and despite being dropped by Slalom, should not be underestimated together) and in five circles.

Five men are involved in Chinese snow, but in this case the balance was shifted to fast racing; James Crawford has grown a lot, he can consider himself a luxury outsider for Super-Zig, but if we think he’s finished sixth in Kidspool today, maybe even down. With him is Frederick Thompson, who has not repeated himself on some level after Beaver Creek’s exciting stage, but guarantees experience, another talent like Brady Shaker, who has to play between giant, slalom and team (and team event), Eric Reid and Trevor Philp.


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