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Pio and Amedeo: “People want to laugh from the heart” – Cinema

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“You have to take responsibility for what is not politically correct. Of course you are freer in theatres, in television, and yet you pay more attention because you are addressing an audience that has not paid you while you are in the cinema, and finally, you have to stay within the story, so it is more “Complicated, but one thing is certain: people want to laugh from the heart.” Word from Pio and Amedeo who bring Gennaro Nunziante’s Come pu un scoglio to cinemas in theaters from December 28 with Vision Distribution.
This is the story. Pio (Pio Dantini) is a weak person on whom his late father, Salvatore, a wealthy construction worker, imposed everything on him.

video Pio and Amedeo: Our comedy is in keeping with popular thought

A lawyer, married to Borome, and the father of two children, Ginevra and Manfredi, Pio lives in the castle of the Marquis of Basin, his wealthy prosecco-producing in-laws. Now a group of local businessmen have also nominated him for mayor, because since he is weak, they can easily outmaneuver him.
However, his gray life suddenly comes alive with the appointment of a chauffeur, Amedeo (Amedeo Greco), a troubled boy who has been to prison several times.
The latter will be a real revolution in Pio’s life because it will revolutionize all his certainties, make him discover things he had not even imagined and allow him to finally regain the life he had only partially lived.
The cast of How to Rock (the title refers to a verse from Lucio Battisti’s song “I would like… I would not like… But if you want”) also includes Francesca Valtorta, Nicola Renenese, Cristina Andrea Rosamilia and Claudio Bigagli.
With this film, the collaboration between director and screenwriter Gennaro Nunziante and the comedy duo from Foggia continues.
After working on Belli ciao (2022), the trio returns to the big screen with Come Pu Uno Scoglio, the seventh film directed by Nunziante and the fourth test in front of the camera for Pio and Amedeo.
Aside from Billy Chow, the duo made their debut in 2014 with Amici Come noi, then participated in the same year in the comedy Ma tu di che forza 6? By Neri Parente.
“The person who goes to see our film does so because he wants to see a light comedy. This is because he has the need, the need, to disconnect from the problems of life. This is our ephemeral mission – says Amedeo -. We are they, in our forties, “average comedians “They are artists who are still making their way and are very different from the web phenomenon, and I hope they will instead follow a traditional path like ours that everyone should listen to for real people.”
And once again Amedeo returns to the case of Chiara Ferragni, about which he had already spoken with Eni: “Besides the sympathy or hatred that one may feel for Chiara Ferragni, I hope that her case is the beginning of the end of this fleeting world.” It cannot be denied that she is a symbol of a certain cultural decadence. . The person who says, “I apologize and give a million euros,” is someone who underestimates people’s intelligence.”

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