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Open the official website of the movie department –

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Nintendo Prepares For Transmedia Evolution With Opening website From Nintendo Picturesa section dedicated to the production of “video content”, most likely Movie And any TV series taken from the intellectual property of the company.

The maneuver is identical to the production of a new one An animated movie about Super Mariowhich promises to be a big-caliber movie for Nintendo, slated for release on April 7, 2023 and with a first trailer arriving only this week, October 6, 2023. According to what Nibel found on Twitter, the same company appears to have been previously renamed Dynamo Pictures, but has been renamed the same company. Acquired by Nintendo and renamed.

So Nintendo Pictures is the new movie section Nintendo, which is officially active as of today, October 3, with the acquisition of the previous company coming to an end, at least according to reports. The official website can be accessed at this is the addressbut other than the logo and some brief background information, no further details about the projects in progress have been reported.

There is talk of general “visual” content, which can include a variety of productions: films, TV series, short films, “transmedia” operations in various formats and more. Anyway, we’re looking forward to the first official trailer for the new Mario movie, which comes out on October 6 and will see Chris Pratt in the title role, obviously in terms of sound.

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