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One summer making the Sky series with Lino Guanciale: spoilers and trailers

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Heaven declared summer ago, a new series with Lino Guanciale that just finished filming and has already been shown in the first teaser. In addition to the aforementioned name, the show also boasts the presence of Filippo Scotti in a cross-generational thriller about a mystery that unfolds between the 90s and the present.

Produced by Sky Studios and Fabula Pictures, Since Summer directed by David Marengo (the hunterAnd the Boris 3) And the Martha Safina (daylight saving time 2). The series was filmed between and around Rome and Puglia. Sky Original Production in a projected eight episodes In 2023 exclusively on Sky and broadcast only on NOW.

Lino Guanciale in a frame from the One Summer movie trailer (screenshot) – VelvetMag

Pillow Linens (red doorAnd the Commissioner RicciardiAnd the survivors) Elio, at forty, plays with a seemingly perfect life. When the body From Girl to Any I was fall in love As a teenager, Ariana will flash back to a memory of the summer of 1990. She mysteriously disappeared during a camping holiday they were taking with their friends and he was found dazed, with no memory of what happened. The past and present will alternate more and more in his mind and in all eight episodes of the series. To play Elio, in the 1990 timeline, he’ll think about it Philip Scotty (It was the hand of GodAnd the Me and SpottyAnd the 1994).

summer agothe new year marked by the series with Lino Guelli, Filippo Scotti and Claudia Pandolfi: the cast

The series features a cast full of well-known faces. Together with Lino Guiliali and Filippo Scotti we will see in reality: Claudia Pandolfi; Martina Gatti, Nicole Grimodo, Antonia Futras, Tobias de Angelis, Alessio Piazza, Luca Vannuccini, Sophia Iaquito, Anna Verzetti, Paolo Pieropon, Alessio; Francesco della Torre Giovanni di Giorgi John Boselli Orlando Five Giulio Tropea Luciano Scarpa Julius the Troubled Denis Fasulo Geneva Francesconi and Massimo De Santis. summer ago It is a Sky Original Series produced by Sky Studios and Fabula Pictures. The show boasts of being directed by Davide Marengo and Marta Safina and written by Valerio Celio, Federico Favot, Michele Alberico and Massimo Pacini. The author of the original soundtrack is Michelle Braga.

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Series synopsis and new trailer

Elio lives a seemingly perfect life, has a beautiful family and works as a lawyer. Thirty years ago, however, in the summer of 1990, Elio was in shock. He leaves for a campsite on the coast of Lazio stalking Ariana, the girl he was in love with, and is found days later in a disoriented state, with a hole in his short-term memory. The girl, however, is no trace. More than 30 years laterthe police found that Ariadne’s body and forensics have no doubt: The girl is not dead, I killed. As a result, Elio comes out on top of the suspect list.

Filippo Scotti and the rest of the Un'estate fa crew in a teaser (screenshot) - VelvetMag
Filippo Scotti and the rest of the Un’estate fa crew in a teaser (screenshot) – VelvetMag

shocked at the discovery, Elio has a car accident. He loses consciousness, and when he wakes up he finds himself in the year 1990 in the camp infirmary. He’s 18 againBut the consciousness of an adult.. is it a dream? Did he finally get his memory back? Or is he crazy? He just knows that in a very short time, someone in this camp is going to kill Ariana. He feels an urgency to do something, but his mind keeps moving back in time, from now until 1990. So he tries to figure out what really happened to Ariana and tells acquitted from the accusation that he was the one who killed her. To do this, Elio will have to make an investigation between the past and the present that perhaps also hides for him the hope of being able to change things and save them…

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