December 3, 2023

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ChatGpt, Canada pursues Italian guarantor and opens investigation for privacy breach

ChatGpt, Canada pursues Italian guarantor and opens investigation for privacy breach

The Canada The first country to follow the example of the Italian guarantor ChatGpt. The office of the Privacy Commissioner in Ottawa was, in fact, launched on Wednesday, April 5, and a few hours after the roundtable. Unlock the AIThe chatbot’s parent company and the Italian authority are investigating to understand how users’ personal data is being used.

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Data at risk

The Office of the Canadian Ombudsman has begun detailing its investigation process into “how personal information is collected, used and disclosed without consent.” Chairman of the Commission, Philippe DufresneIn a statement he explained that artificial intelligence and its effects on privacy are “a key priority and our office must anticipate technological progress quickly”.

A new stop for ChatGpt?

Dufresne’s office did not release further details, but is expected to make its findings public once the investigation is complete. This could be a new shake-up for OpenAI German guarantee announced the possibility of starting a procedure similar to the Italian system. France, Ireland and other EU countries have already contacted the Italian authorities asking for information on the procedures in place.

Accusation of defamation

ChatGpt also has potential legal issues. Brian HoodThe mayor of Hepburnshire is said to be considering the town, 120km north-west of Melbourne. case If OpenAI didn’t correct the misinformation that the chatbot gave: that means the politician would have been jailed Corruption. That is if the Australian mayor continues First defamation case ChatGpt Vs. His lawyers sent a letter to OpenAI on March 21, giving the startup 28 days to correct the mistake. Otherwise Sam Altman could face a defamation lawsuit. (All rights reserved)

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