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Tff, contemporary stardom according to Matilda de Angelis

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After opening last night at Uci Cinemas Lingotto, the Turin Film Festival has kicked off, and tomorrow at 2.30pm at Mole Antonelliana there’s a master class almost sold out: it’s called Talent therapy The protagonist will be actress Matilda de Angelis. The singer will be speaking with one of her agents, Gianni Chevy – who in 2014 co-founded the agency Volver, which is dedicated to managing the businesses of actors and actresses – along with the president and director of the Film Museum, Enzo Gigo and Domenico Di Gaetano.

De Angelis, in Volver from the start, is a very successful actress and has already won the David Di Donatello Award, and on the occasion of receiving the award, she has confirmed that her agents are an essential part of her career. Thus Gianni Chevy and Matilda de Angelis will debate the topic of building an actor (and an actress), from different perspectives: creative ideas, design, choices, involved professionals, psychological effects, and communication. From a path that can lead the artist to express his talent.

They will reflect on the contemporary phenomenon of stardom, and recognize the differences between different cultural contexts. De Angelis’ most recent engagement was in Turin and Piedmont on the set of Netflix’s “Lidia,” which in September brought Piazza Carignano back to a 19th-century setting, among carriages, horses and period dresses. The protagonist is a success veteran on the same platform with the “Incredible Story of the Island of Roses”, opening the session of meetings that will see Monica Bellucci on December 1st talking with the director of the “Girl at the Mole” at the fountain, Antonio Giulio Panizzi.

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Matilda de Angelis has acted in many films and series, among them the film “Veloce come il vento” with Stefano Accorsi, directed by Matteo Roveri; The miniseries “Undo – Unspoken Facts”, along with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, and Sergio Castellitto’s “emotional material”, but the actress was also in the cast in the movie “The Prize” directed and starring Alessandro Gasman, guest last night at a party Opening Tff.

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