March 24, 2023

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Texas, husband of one of the murdered teachers, died of a heart attack: the woman was protecting children with her body during the shooting

Husband Irma GarciaElementary school teacher UvaldHe was martyred while protecting the young disciples with her body, following a heart attack today, two days after the massacre that claimed his life for his wife. Family members pointed out that Joe Garcia “He died of pain.” Joe and Irma are married to 24 years And they had four childrenoldest in the Marine Corps, and youngest in middle school.

The Texas police confirmed during a press conference: “We will find out why Salvador Ramos This massacre, and who is this man.” According to the latest reports, the killer entered the school in 11.40 From an open door: “We have to understand why,” the regional director stressed Victor Escalon. Ramos started shooting outside the school, from the parking lot. He fired many, many shots. Most of the shots were fired in the early stages before the police arrived.” Ovaldi’s killer “never confronted him” outside the school. She met no one from her grandmother’s house to the school. He entered the building unimpeded. There Grandmother of Salvador RamosWho was shot first by the boy “alive and in stable condition.”

Meanwhile, surprise Meghan Marklethe Duchess of Sussex who now lives in California, paid a visit to Rob Primary School. Accompanied by Prince Harry’s wife, a bodyguard I put a bouquet of white roses To the temporary memorial erected near the massacre site. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill will be in Ovaldi, Texas on Sunday, May 29.

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Meanwhile, gunsmith Daniel Davis, who made the assault rifle used by Salvador Ramos in the school massacre, announced he would not attend the US National Army Lobby’s conference in Houston on Friday, the Washington Post reported. Singer-songwriter Don McClain also announced that he would not perform at the event because it was “disrespectful and painful”.