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Tesla Autonomous Driving Updates: Available in Canada soon

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There comes one New update For that Full self-driving Tesla, the automaker’s software platform that manages the autonomous flow of electric vehicles.

Compatible with the update framework released by Tesla 10.9 Full self-driving Beta version. The update introduces many more Improvements: Traffic management at intersections will be more effective, as well as recognizing objects in the lane, better right-hand turns and improved lane handling. Find out Complete changelog At the bottom of this article.

Also, Elon Musk has announced New and significant update Full self-driving, may be included Version 11. This update is largely consistent with an extension of the full self-driving test program Canadian users.

Current version of the full self-driving system Autonomous driving of level 2, And assumes that the driver still exists Responsibility What happens while driving. Tesla is testing it US market On selected drivers, we are close to public release as the test expands to Canada.

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