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Tell me what cleaner you use and I’ll tell you how much you save!

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With expensive energy, you are especially careful about the consumption of the washing machine, as well as the consumption of light and water. But who knew that savings also depended on the type of detergent used? Let’s be clear: Tell me what kind of cleaner you use and I’ll tell you how much you save!

Laundry corner with fully loaded washing machine, detergents, baskets, plants and foldable sinks

The washing machine detergent They are really many: All-in-one capsulesAnd the cleaning detergentAnd the liquid detergent even Detergent in sheets. There are those who do not trust and make detergents with chips Marseille soap or with Soft potassium soap. But does it really save? there French magazine 60 Million Consommateurs Compare different laundry detergents with different versions.

All this to understand whether there is truth savings. Well, when it comes to Calculate the price of each washsurprising results emerged regarding i consumption. And therefore, Tell me what cleaner you use and I’ll tell you how much you save!

Surprisingly, the survey revealed that Product price per liter It’s a practice Absolutely useless In this case. We need to think Unit price per washbecause two different types of liquid products of the same capacity do not, in fact, allow to carry out the same number of washes.

Due to different chemical composition and potency, you may need more detergent and a higher temperature than others to get a clean, streak-resistant laundry. the only one is Calculate the cost of one wash, dividing the cost of the product by the number of washes that will be allowed. Lots are indicated on the packaging.

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Well, it turns out that a file The cost of washing ranges from 0.15 to 0.42 euro cents. The prices indicated are obviously based on the French market as the magazine is based in France. But it is indicative in general. Assuming Average cost 0.28€ per washAnd ready-to-use detergents such as Tablets or capsules result More expensive than liquid detergentsince they have a file Average cost 0.22€. Of course, you should too Consider other expensesor the Water and electricity consumption per one wash. Please note that Washing at 40 degrees consumes 0.68 kWh on average, fully loaded. while the Wash at 60 degrees, 1.08 kWh at full load.

The account will also help those who like Making detergent at home. Calculate the number of washes that can be done Add Marseille soap with sodium carbonate For example, or alternatively how many washes are needed to consume Potassium soft soap.

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