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Delia Duran, Caught Because It’s Totally Natural: No Makeup & Hair

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Have you ever seen the totally natural beautiful Delia Duran? Here is the photo without makeup and hair: what do you think?

Delia Duran – Politician 24

She is a beautiful woman, there is no telling. In every episode big brother vip In which we have seen the heroine of her novel, she has always proven her elegance and charm. Venezuelan model and actress, Delia DuranWith this version of Alfonso Signorini’s well-known reality show, she is becoming better and deeper known by the audience at home. Even if she is the most attentive, they will surely remember her with her husband Alex Bailey In many interviews hosted eg Barbara Dorso. And most of her successful fairy tale enthusiasts will remember her: Beauty of a Woman, Honor and Respect – the last chapter, and Fur – the second.

But have you ever seen her totally natural without makeup and hair?

Delia Duran, that’s totally normal

Delia Duran has always featured on social media and TV Very elegant and elegant lookWhich accentuates his perfect curves and irresistible charm. Just think about the first time she showed up at the park with her husband Alex Bailey in the Big Brother Vip. For that occasion, she was wearing a long dress with a nice deep neckline. And let’s face it, dressed like this is impossible not to admire in all his beauty!

But also in the episode in which the actor left the house with her, he showed a short dress in shades of yellow, very sophisticated and refined. In short, the beautiful Venezuelan actress is always beautiful and flawless in every appearance. Always in order and ready To shine in everything and everyone. Also regarding the trick and the WigHe always flaunts them with care and goes with the mood of the outfit. Depending on the dress you’re wearing, opt for a more prominent or lighter makeup and the same with the hair, whether it’s loose or gathered in a high ponytail, for a very aggressive look. But have you ever seen that totally normal?

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Check out the unedited photo

without advantage There is not even to say: Even natural, without makeup and hair, without a short dress that accentuates her wonderful body, she is beautiful. Simpler and more natural, brighter and more beautiful and deep, we can also admire this shot below.

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And with Alex Belli, who are both handsome and charming, they make a truly beautiful couple!

Delia Duran because she's normal - Politician 24

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