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“Tears and Light,” Eugene’s Guagnano Trio

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In Guagnano Triple Yugen. Friday, February 24, at 18:30, at Bibliotheca del Negromaro and Terre d’Arneau, the group consisting of Katia Fiorentino (piano), Stefano Compagnoni (bass) and Maurizio De Tomasi (drums) will present the new recording project “Tears and Light “, produced by the label Dodicilune record and music releases. A literary reading by Stefania Ruggieri from Every Possible Prayer (Collective Editions, 2020) and Stefania Zecca from Part of Disarming (Collective Editions, 2023).

Born in 2020, the vocal range of the trio develops the game of space and time. Cyclic rhythmic and melodic cells blend with broad sonic stretches from which emerges a horizontal conception of the ensemble in which each instrument is always the protagonist of the accomplished piece: a suspenseful and fleeting soundscape, sometimes intimate or abstract but always rich and multifaceted, through an aesthetic quest typical of the European avant-garde. Contemporary, which has its roots in the Scandinavian traditions. The main features of the trio are an essential and at the same time colorful language, a constant search for original and refined tonal solutions, themes with a strong melodic imprint, improvisation and complete expressive freedom.

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