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Tampons Mess in Legnano: “Removed to give space for those without ATS reservations, shame on you!”

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The situation in the old hospital in Legnano for tampon service, within the limits of orders that are always digitally high, should return to normal on Wednesday 29. Indeed, after A real “epic” today for those who have been lining up along the Simplon, a different management of reservations will be envisaged. The news is not official, as by health authorities (Ats and Asst) No call madeDespite the chaos prevailing on Tuesday 28th, a flood of orders is also expected over the next few days. Serious lack of information At a time when the user is left in a state of extreme confusion and utter discomfort.

“Odyssey earplugs” in Lignano: queues for kilometers when driving to the old hospital

Meanwhile, the testimonies of those who took part in the queues that cut half of the traffic around the hospital on Kanaza Road followed one another: “I was also in that mess and decided to stop at home for a while – writes reader Eliana -. I came back and at 11.15, With the ATS booked for 10.50, I was told I couldn’t get in because it was full now. In practice, those with free access, who had reservations, entered in the afternoon, and at 11.15, for me, for those who were entitled, there was no place».

In addition to the harm caused by having to pay a tampon, according to Eliana, inappropriate treatment at the entrance to the hospital, to make her determine this situation “shameful, But who cares anyway? A year has passed, and nothing has changed and we poor Christians are always foolishly clinging to the desire to respect the rules.

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