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University: Cattaneo, science is man’s best ally

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(ANSA) – RAND, Oct 07 – “This is an exceptional campus where disciplines and knowledge are enriched, a place where there is great cultural fermentation.” This is what scientist and senator Elena Cattaneo said about life, speaking with journalists on the sidelines of the Masters lecture “The Adventure of Knowledge: Research to Do and Tell” held at the University of Calabria.
“Here – added the scientist – it seems to me that the third mission of the university is very conscious, which must be taught not only within its borders but also to those outside it.
Therefore, to those outside, to the citizens, from whom we have received the mandate to study, we must take them in hand, and explain step by step what we are doing, for this serves to defuse fears, and fears, towards any knowledge that all is new and that all new can make us We shudder and instead must make it clear that science is man’s greatest ally.”
Professor Cattaneo, who is known worldwide for her scientific studies, particularly in connection with the numerous researches on stem cells and Huntington’s disease, was appointed to the Senate for life in 2013.
The event, which was attended by representatives of fifth year high school students from Cosenza, was organized as part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie project, and funded by the European Commission of which Maria Giovanna Durant is responsible. (Dealing).

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