Home science Tampering, deficient road repairs, inspection and penalties effective May 10th

Tampering, deficient road repairs, inspection and penalties effective May 10th

Tampering, deficient road repairs, inspection and penalties effective May 10th

Tampering with public lands and subsequent restorations must be carried out in accordance with licenses issued. The administration of the Municipality of Nardi returns to its position on the critical issues that continue to appear in the city for the work of companies responsible for carrying out maintenance works or carrying out service infrastructure works (water, energy, fiber, etc.), already last September reporting a series of inadequate restorations of the roof The road, mainly potholes, depressions and wrong spots.

An unfortunate situation that affects the appearance of the road surfaces (the administration has invested about ten million euros in recent years for the maintenance of the urban network on and off) which generates risks of accidents, even with serious personal injuries, which sometimes generates disputes that expose the entity to the expense of huge financial resources.

Mayor Pippi Mellon (in the picture), Public Works Consultant Auronzo Capote and Director of Functional Area 1 Cosimo Pellegrino sent a letter to Aqp, 2iRetegas, Enel, Telecom Italia, Fibercoop and Fastweb, to stress specifically that works to tamper with public lands must be carried out in strict compliance with the licenses issued, with particular reference to The use of appropriate machinery and equipment, the quality of backfill materials and the methods of restoring the mat, which must be carried out within the validity period of the license and regular forms must be submitted to reduce its visual impact.

It is no coincidence that the Municipality of Nardi issues very detailed prescriptions on carrying out the works in the authorization documents, which relate to the timing, the communication of interventions, the methods of cutting the road surface, the use of wheeled machinery, the consistency of the restoration layers, the methods of laying the bituminous surfaces, the paving of the sidewalks and the regulatory references To be observed, and even road signs.

Recipients of the letter have been warned that repairs not carried out in accordance with licenses will no longer be tolerated and that from 10 May, with the support of the local police leadership, a campaign to control works will be launched with relevant penalties for defaulters. The Road Code provides, in Article 21, for works carried out without a license or in contravention of the licenses, a penalty starting from a minimum of 866 euros, in addition to the duty of restitution. But in specific cases suspension of licenses will also be assessed.

“Tolerance is over,” declared councilor Capote, “that it is unacceptable that, having spent more than ten million euros on the maintenance of roads, we proceed with superficial and erroneous manipulations and restorations. Which harms us and which is dangerous. The licenses issued by our offices contain many operational details And the deadlines set, and those who do not respect them will inevitably be punished. We must not find holes, depressions and indecent stains. It is our right and duty in the first place to ensure road safety and then to protect the huge financial investments in recent years. “

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