November 28, 2023

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Sylvia Hell and Art as a Synthesis of Philosophy and Science. In the Sotura space in Turin

Sylvia Hell and Art as a Synthesis of Philosophy and Science.  In the Sotura space in Turin

“We don’t have to look for a definition for everything.” The quote from Aristotle, taken from Leibniz, is also the title of one of the works presented by Sylvia Hill from South Tyrol in Sutura, a space made available by the Turin Institute of Physiotherapy for contemporary art. The Derivazioni exhibition was opened, not coincidentally, during the weekdays that Turin devotes to contemporary art.

In his works, Hell managed to combine philosophy, science, literature, aesthetics, geometry, geography, history and mathematics. It processes data in forms. Establish volumes, volume relationships and develop sound and light pulses. Thus, by reusing the Aristotelian quotation, the height and width of the letters of the text become the points from which the volume containing them arises.

While in the Shape of History series, the sculptures interpret data relating to the modification of the territorial extension of some European countries between 1861 and 2011. The view offered by each sculpture gives the opportunity to imagine the effects that the compression and expansion of a territory had on its inhabitants.

However, in the Air series, data on harmful substances in the air is converted into colored lines, arranged along a horizontal axis.

The exhibition will be hosted by Sutura for three months, during which the artist will interact with the doctors of the Institute of Physical Therapy, with patients and with the public to formulate hypotheses and collect data that will be the basis for creating a new work.

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