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The line is not protected, the details that escape from everyone

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There are small details that few people know about but which can have very serious consequences. It’s about your Wi-Fi line and protecting it in a way that makes it safer than ever before

Nowadays, it’s good to be prepared for any eventuality When browsing the net. Especially considering the numerous and constant new alerts that pop up related to phishing attempts, malware attacks, etc. All the tricks laid by cybercriminals e Which can have very serious consequences.

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To better defend yourself, you must first be careful about what you click on. Always verifying source and reliability are key elements when deciding to access the Internet. also Get a good VPN Antivirus software can be useful solutions. However, there is another detail that practically everyone underestimates and cares about Wi-Fi network.

Here is the best way to protect your Wi-Fi network

When you are at home, you are always browsing the internet connected to your home Home Wi-Fi. Between different subscriptions and offers, it is possible to install a fiber optic modem at home to take advantage of the maximum speed available in your area. Let’s move on to the speech cyber securityHowever, it is a good idea to apply some precautions to avoid the worst and provide personal data to bad guys who are willing to do anything to get useful information.

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In addition to classic antivirus and VPN software, there are details that many underestimate and can be crucial: Change the network password. To be able to do this it must first be said that it depends on your reference operator. In general, however, it is necessary to access the page dedicated to managing the router using the data provided. I am usually responsible for both the username and password. Once you’re done, scroll down to the item dedicated to PRIVACY AND SECURITY. You will first be asked to choose the type (WPA, WEP, etc.). We recommend setting up WPA-2 or WPA-3 Personal. classic WPA or WEP They are actually unsafe.

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Once that’s done, the actual partition is there To enter the password. After typing the old code, all you have to do is choose how to change the access token. We advise you to choose one as complex as possible (in uppercase, lowercase and special characters) and save it somewhere. Save Changes And that’s it. You simply have to communicate the new password to all other connected users.

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