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Sylvester Stallone, the scathing speech of The Rights of the Rocky

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after 46 years Sylvester Stallone demanding rights rockyWhich he hasn’t received in all these years. The actor who was the face of the epic, He wants to leave this legacy to his four childrenBut due to the contract signed at the time of the first movie, he is unable to get what he deserves. Let’s find out who the heirs of Seth, Sophie, Sistine, and Scarlett Stallone are.

Sylvester Stallone: ​​’I want my rock rights’

One of the highest-grossing epic stories in cinema history is a story rockythe unfortunate boxer led to success Sylvester Stallone. The then almost unknown actor co-wrote the script for the feature film, which hit American theaters in 1976, and the following year worldwide.

But then Stallone wasn’t the star he is today, thanks in large part to the role, and in 1976, he landed his own $75,000 for the role and scriptdid not claim the rights, leaving them to producers Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff, and director John J. Avildsen.

The choice was dictated by the inexperience of an inexperienced actor of great decades, who could not have foreseen that this role would lead him to the Hollywood Olympus. epic that creedConsists of 8 films Billions of dollars at the box officeto become a cult of modern cinema.

If even today, however, the actor He felt like he was getting a fair wage As for this movie (to be shown in cachet after movie), Sylvester Stallone has changed his mind in recent months, deciding to claim the rights to the first feature film from the saga, as well as the rights to all other films.

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And he didn’t act lightly at all: Sly posted on Instagram (and then deleted) a picture of Irwin Winkler who It is depicted with the body of a snake and a sword-shaped tongue. In the long commentary accompanying the self-portrait, Stallone asked the producer, now 93, to act like a gentleman, and to grant him that portion of the rights he was entitled to in soap operas. rocky And the creed.

“I’d like what’s left of my rights,” he said in the post and then removed “before it’s just passed on to your children, to leave something of Rocky for me as well.” Do you hear his call? His wish is legitimate, but there may be legal hurdles going back to agreements signed nearly 50 years ago.

Sylvester Stallone: ​​Who are his children?

Sylvester Stallone has had many successes during his long career, but the actor especially cares about his rights rocky One day they will pass on to his children. From his most recognizable creatures in cinema to his most recognizable creatures in life.

was cunning five children, from two marriages. In 1974 he married actress Sasha Zak and had two children with her. wiseborn 1976, h sergioknown as Seth In 1979. The two boys had a different fate but both were unlucky. Seth was born with a type of autism, and Sage, who joined his father Rocky V and in Daylight – a trap in the tunnelHe died in 2012, at the age of 36, of cardiac arrest.

From the third marriage, three daughters were born from the current wife Jennifer Flavin: Sophie Rose (1996), which takes its first steps in the world of entrepreneurship, Sistine Rose (1998) who is a fashion model, e purple rose (2002). Girls often accompany Abby Sylvester on the red carpet.

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