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Overseas welcomes the Ukrainian women’s field hockey team –

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(Image taken from the Facebook page “HF Lorenzoni”)

“With open arms and hearts,” the city of Zizola (today) welcomed the field hockey team from Ukraine. to give news, Mayor Gianni Fogliato And the HF Lorenzoni (A1 women’s team from Bra) Through their official Facebook channels.

The mayor explains:It was a very difficult moment. The hockey players of the Ukrainian team arrived after a very long journey of 84 hours, in contact with our team Lorenzoni. Their city is a few kilometers from Russia. We and some welcomed us back to Bra. Our city has the honor to welcome these girls and make them feel at home and make them feel all the affection possible. Nevertheless, Prae would like to continue with them the daily obligation to welcome and, in a simple way, work and promote peace. To welcome thanks to the Piedmont region, to the local and national hockey federation, to the owners and management of the Cavalieri Hotel“.

Lorenzoni writes: “Welcome to Bra, friends of Sumchanka from Sumy, emerging from the tragic situation in Ukraine! Thanks to the warm hospitality of Bra and Piedmont“.

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