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Suzume no Tojimari: New trailer for the upcoming Makoto Shinkai movie

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Official Twitter account From the next movie from Makoto Shinkai And the Suzumi no Tojimari He gave us a new trailer. We hear for the first time the voice of a very young Japanese actress (18 years old) Nanuka Hara, He was chosen to play the main protagonist of the film, Suzume Iwato. I was It was chosen by Shinkai himself Through the test attended by more than 1,700 people.

“I think ‘Suzume no Tojimari’ is a story that makes us understand the relationship and warmth between people, something that has gradually faded into today’s world, and what is really important. It’s a great movie that makes you want to love yourself and others, and it makes you leave the cinema to see everything in a brighter way.” Hara said IHe will be playing an anime character for the first timealso recalling the feelings of great emotion he experienced the first time he saw Shinkai in cinemas.

Crunchy Roll Announce this in coordination with Sony Pictures And the Wild Punch InternationalThis movie will release worldwide (excluding Asia) in early 2023! The anime will be shown for the first time in Japanese theaters afterwards November 11.

Crunchy Roll The film will be distributed in North America, while Crunchy Roll And the Sony Pictures Entertainment The film will be distributed in Latin America, South America, Australia/New Zealand, the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Europe. Crunchyroll, Sony Pictures And the Wild Punch International The film will be distributed in French and German-speaking European countries. Is it Italy? We can’t know yetHowever, we have an example Jujutsu Kisen 0 which will be published in cooperation with Dennett And the Nexo Digital E From Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero which will instead be distributed by Warner Bros. Italy. Therefore, cooperation with other facts may be the most reasonable hypothesis also in this case.

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The story revolves around a 17-year-old girl, named Suzumi, who lives in the quiet town of Kyushu. One day, he meets a young traveler looking for a mysterious “door” and decides to follow him. The girl discovers an ancient gate in the ruins of the mountains. Legend tells of the existence of several gates connected to each other throughout Japan and that closing one of them leads to horrific disasters.

Shinkai He said of his new job:We need to think about how to close some of the doors we left openHe added that he was continuing to work on the film, and then said, “Suzumi was given the responsibility to close some of those doors on her journey through Japan. I hope this movie will leave the audience with big smiles and a lot of excitement when they leave the cinema“.

We know he’ll be there on the film crew Masayoshi Tanaka (Your Name, weathering with you) as a character designer, Kenichi Tsuchiya (Your Name, garden of words) as an animation director e Takumi Tangi (kids chasing stars) as an art director.

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