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Doctor Strange 2: Sam Raimi didn’t want to hire Zombie Strange | Cinema

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Although the appearance weird zombie at Dr. Gharib 2 It was hailed as one of the most elegant touches Sam RaimiHaving that specific kind of Stephen Strange was a true tribute to a Marvel movie writer towards a director the home And dark army.

To say it was really Michael Waldrown, script generator Dr. Gharib 2During an interview, in the polygon in which he explained:

I wrote the movie with Sam in mind all the time and all the time. I have watched all his films. I really tried to listen to the dialogue in his movies too because I really wanted it to feel like a Sam Raimi movie. But due credit must be given to Sam who did not want to direct this movie by playing his old songs. It wasn’t Sam who told me that “I need a zombie”. In fact, when I introduced him to the idea of ​​Zombie Strange, he was also somewhat hesitant because he didn’t want it to look like he was doing his usual things again.

Find out everything you need to know about the feature film directed by the famous Sam Raimi In our tab from the movie.

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