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Supermarkets Open May 1, 2022: Here’s Where They Are – Chronicle

Supermarkets Open May 1, 2022: Here’s Where They Are – Chronicle

Rome, April 30, 2022 – La National Labor Day It is upon us. Which Supermarkets will remain open on May 1 And which, on the other hand, chose to keep the shutter closed? Although the habit of working even on holidays is now widely spread, not everyone adopts this policy; Let’s see in detail how the giants organized themselves on the national territory. In principle, where – for example – for other anniversaries there has been a greater tendency to open up, in this case, with respect to the patriotic spirit of the holiday, the openings would be more limited. Just to give workers a rest. Below is a list of the main chains, in strict alphabetical order. Remember that as of tomorrow you will no longer wear a belt Mask indoors in supermarkets and shopping malls. Neither the customers nor the shop assistants. There remains only a general recommendation contained in the order of Minister Speranza.


There is no homogeneous position in relation to the large group. Since stores that decide to keep the curtains may be subject to hourly changes, it is recommended Check the store that interests you through the site.


There is no homogeneity even for the French giant, also because there are different policies between convenience stores, supermarkets and supermarkets. So it is appropriate Find the point of sale in your area through the site and carry out the appropriate checks.


In general we will tend to stay closed, but there will be some exceptional – albeit very limited – openings. The site is original, from which you can search for the store with the nearest high shutter, by geolocating yourself.

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Coop and Eberkop

On the other hand, it is almost impossible to find in the group a point open on May 1, especially in connection with Labor Day. Barring last minute surprises, Coop’s policy is to keep it closed.

long S

In the same vein, the attitude that prevailed during the past feasts, also confirms the colossus founded by Caprotti. All Esselunga stores must remain closed. Guaranteed worker comfort.


Ta slots and unusual hours are organized All stores in the chain Sunday, May 1, 2022.

beni market

Openings (and closings) are incomplete throughout the territory with respect to the penny, which Provides a table for its customers With all stores in the country in which you specify whether they are open, closed or unusual hours.