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“Sulley is taken badly by Alex” Biagio Daniele confession

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Biagio breaks the silence about the relationship between Alex and Soleil.

Biagio Danieli it’s new Official competitor From the sixth edition of big brother vip. A few hours after entering it, Jivino decided to deal with him Alex Bailey He reveals his thoughts on Discuss the relationship born at home Soleil rise.

Biagio Danieli’s confession about Alex Bailey and Sully Sorge

after you Advertise to SulliAnd Alex Faces Biagio To try to understand how his relationship with the influencer is seen from the outside: “We’ve come to a point where we can’t deal with these things anymore. His doubtful looks hurt me, which we cleared up at night. I’d like to keep my life the way it is.”.

“When I met Delia, my life changed because I found a woman who stabilized myself. We fought. She is my inspiration.” he added Clear talking about him Relationship with Delia Duran “This is another test, I don’t have to give in to these things. It’s a nice thing between me and Sulli, but they are two things that I have to separate.”.

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after listening to it Alex spreeAnd Biagio back to talk about Kiss Taken In Gf Vip Between Actor And Soleil: “You were beautiful. You weren’t Turandot, because I looked at you you were beautiful. You are my dear brother, you are an actor, but after seeing the audience, I tell you the truth: if you accept like this you have to go Hollywood […] You have to choose the best for you. It was taken badly.”.

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