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Successfully complete a crowdfunding campaign

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The goal achieved by Aidoru Associazione Aps through the crowdfunding campaign to create a “new home for Casa de Gesu” in San Vittore, an intelligent and innovative space designed to carry out many activities, including theater and games, to serve as a residence for artists, open as an outdoor space, be a garden with Botanical garden, trees and much more. The crowdfunding campaign, which was launched on the IdeaGinger platform thanks to the support of LA BCC Ravennate, Forlivese and Imolese, ended up reaching the target set by Aidoru Associazione Aps, exceeding the quota of 10 thousand euros, set as the target, to support the project that will involve the entire community. “It is a result full of gratitude, for those who decided to donate, because every donation, even the smallest, was very important – they explain from Aidoru – and it is a result that they want to share, because the Aidoru community, all the people who follow, who contribute to the realization of projects, prove once again their They are a precious, attentive and curious truth. The crowdfunding campaign was also a way to weave other connections and spark new stories.”

The figure was reached thanks to the 227 donors who joined BCC Ravennate, Forlivese and Imolese and chose to participate in this part of Aidoru’s history. Furthermore, for the success of the crowdfunding campaign, the support of two private sponsors was crucial: the support from DreamsFactory will allow the planting of one of the first trees that will surround the new structure, and thanks to the Romagna Iniziative Consortium, a scholarship will be awarded for annual study and other trees will be rooted. In Via Braghittina. In fact, Via Braghittina 910, in San Vittore, is the address of the new headquarters, where renovations began a few months ago and every day another lot is being placed towards the opening of the new space, set for March 2023. So there are only four months left for the opening. The project carried out by Pier Currà Architettura, a key point of view for every design choice, envisions a theater hall and an outdoor arena for playing and presenting performances; the Performing Arts Workshop for Building New Worlds; the library to always discover new worlds and learn how to rewrite the different worlds; rehearsal space for hosting artists, experts, and collaborators; garden with vegetable garden, trees and open; Several welcome and play areas designed and engineered by the team. The space is designed to open up realities, organizations, and professionals who care about projects for children and younger generations, to expand opportunities for meeting, networking, growth, and training.

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