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Apple is about to release a new secret product: the stolen news bomb

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Ribbon cables featured in one of the images (web) –

There is nothing less than great news that leaks and makes all users who have always been loyal to the Cupertino company happy.

Surely, as soon as you read that it was Apple, you immediately imagined a new smartphone or tablet. Why not? A new Mac. None of that. We tell you right away that it is not about devices such as iPhone or iPad. It’s something that the company founded by Steve Jobs has kept secret, in fact very secret.

Unfortunately for her, however, some news leaked out, and something was stolen. And around this aura a magic was created. And here the first stray appeared from the magic cauldron amidst fumes and lights of all colors. These, over time, have become increasingly numerous and urgent.

A few days ago when it was further enhanced thanks to the appearance of some photos. The latter shows that what has been discovered is truly something incredible. If Apple had managed to keep everything a secret, as they intended, when they introduced this product, it would have been a bomb.

Many users were literally going crazy. In this article we want to reveal what is happening around us. We shall see, together, in detail, these indiscretions, accompanied by some pictures, what they have to tell us. We are sure you will be ecstatic, you won’t believe your eyes.

A secret has been revealed: with this new product, Apple will drive everyone crazy.

That’s right and you’ll start to get really excited by reading the rumors we’re about to reveal to you. Many also argue that this new product will be able to replace smartphones and laptops. Hint: it can be worn all day! like? Is this your new Apple Watch? No, we’re sorry. You are completely off track.

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Here’s Apple’s Secret: New VR Headset (Web) –

It is about the long-awaited novelty Apple VR headset. his title is “Reality ProOne image shows wires going into glasses that look just like eyes. Another, however, shows what will be the sensors, or cameras. The new headphones will have more than a dozen cameras that can capture the movements of the wearer’s eyes.

Also, they will analyze their body and everything around them. In short, it will be great devices that will be able to track both the eyes, as mentioned earlier, and the hands. It will feature dual 4k displays and a flexible display that adapts to the face. We just have to wait for the end of this year for this to become a reality, maybe in June 2023 when Apple should present it in WWDCfor him Developers Conference.

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