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Driving license, with the one you have, you will no longer be able to drive your car: the new law breaks Italy in two

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Yes, it seems that with your type B license you will not be able to drive your new car. The hypothesis must be taken into account, depending, of course, on the model that your new car is about. A driver’s license B, which has always allowed you to drive all kinds of cars, may now not be good for your next car. What will be the consequences?

Driver’s license, or Driving license b, did not leave any questions about it. Whatever car you own, whether it is old or new, From subcompact to sedanPasses through Off the track, the driver has always gone without fail. The user was always able to select the type of vehicle he drives with the same license. But now everything can change with Ads which are now appearing on the market. what is he talking about?

Is it possible to continue to drive any type of vehicle with a B license? –

The topic of car types is still prominently emerging identification, but also a notable technological advance for SUVs. In fact, on the basis of the increasing prevalence data, it can be said that today I SUV cars These are the vehicles that everyone will prepare for most popular, dominating the market in these terms. This is about to happen globally. But let’s move on to our question, the one that many of you will be asking. But why can’t one drive an SUV with a B license, if that was even possible yet?

We respond immediately, because, as mentioned earlier, SUVs are generally updated as a car model, with new accessories and new features, new equipment of engine power, and new models are also gaining by weight. We are used to the fact that with a B license you can drive cars of all classes. But was it always like this?

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The SUV and the problem that arises with the B license.

SUVs and reduction, what will happen in the future? –

A driver’s license B actually allows you to drive every vehicle. Meaning it allows the management of every vehicle on the market. But in theory which vehicle up to 3.5 tons of weight. Weight that has not yet been exceeded, but many modern models of SUVs have been exceeded get closer seriously on the thresholdAfter that, the B driving license will have no value.

not to mention Dodge Ram 500Which weighed exactly three and a half tons. Although the problem does not arise for this car, but only for the fact that it is the same Sold Just overseasIt does not have to deal with Italian legislation.

With the rest of the SUV, which we will have to contend with, they are supposed subordinate Technological solutionsHow Materials Extremely strong but lighter bodywork, created in the lab. The Mohandessin subordinate BMW they say optimists It should be possible to support new technological changes in equipment with those related to materials. Otherwise, you’ll have to get used to the idea of ​​having to get another type of license, not yet in place, to drive a super-equipped and powerful SUV.

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