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Stuttgart, 45-year-old Italian, kills two people and sets house on fire –

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German police arrested A 45-year-old Italian man is accused of stabbing a 32-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman to death with a knife.and set fire to the house where the victims were. This was reported by Bild, which reports Large-scale operation by police and firefighters in the Feuerbach district of Stuttgart. According to initial reports, a team of firefighters returning from an operation noticed smoke coming from a building around 2:30 p.m. Upon arrival, firefighters found a man with a knife in front of the entrance to the building and alerted the police. Rescuers pulled the two victims out of the burning house, still alive, but they died in hospital.

The Bild police always say that they make it clear that the arrested man was in possession of “two knives”. In the frantic stages of the arrest, the officers fired a shot, but the suspect was left unharmed. According to police spokesman Stefan Weidmann:Crime dynamics are not entirely clear.. He added, “The case is being followed up by the Crime Prevention Department, and investigations are ongoing.” When asked who the suspect was, the police replied, “We can’t confirm anything, not even the nationality.” The spokesman added that it is not yet clear what is the relationship between the two victims and the detainee.

In the basement of the burned apartment was a small Italian café. But it closed about six months ago.

The crime today is added to another case involving an Italian: an 81-year-old man shot a 16-year-old in front of a school.

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