Home entertainment Student in the first year. All the news from the MCU announced on Disney + Day

Student in the first year. All the news from the MCU announced on Disney + Day

Student in the first year.  All the news from the MCU announced on Disney + Day

Among the many advertisements that made an impact Disney + dayThere were a lot of surprises Marvel Studios, with a series of new projects unveiled for the occasion, but also teasers and release dates for some of the most anticipated titles from MCU. Surprisingly enough, House of Mickey has actually announced a series like Marvel Zombies, student year of Spider-Man And a second season of what if…?, followed by the first pictures of Strong womanAnd Moon Night, Mrs. MarvelAnd secret invasion, and much more.

Below is all the Marvel news featured on Disney + Day.

moon knight

Starring in the series Oscar Isaac And dedicated to the character of Mark Spector, the first teaser has been shown anticipating the white outfit of the Marvel hero and the dark atmosphere that characterizes the show, which you will also see among other things Ethan Hawke in the role of a villain.

Here is the moon night teaser

Strong woman

In excerpts from a short teaser by Strong woman Shown on Disney + Day we can finally like it Jennifer Walters, played before Tatiana Maslany He appears both in the human version and in the form of his green vanity, in the company of his cousin Bruce Banner.

Here are all the pictures of SHE-HULK

Mrs. Marvel

Also from the new series Mrs. Marvel, comingSummer 2022Some photos showing us the hero have been revealed Kamala Khan, played before Iman Villani, whether in “civilian clothing” or with an outfit in honor of his idol, Carol Danvers.

Search here for MS MARVEL images

marvel zombies

Announcing a new animated series titled marvel zombies. No details regarding the project have been revealed, but it is likely an adaptation of the comic, written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Sean Phillips, and published by Marvel Comics in 2005. As the title predicts, the paper counterpart features alternate versions of the most famous Marvel superheroes. and super villains, who are portrayed as zombies.

Agatha: Pete Harkness

Among the novelties, also the official title and logo of the episodic series of WandaVision dedicated to the wicked Agatha HarknessThe mighty witch you played with Catherine Han Who will return this time as a hero?

iron heart

.’s official logo iron heart, the new Marvel series dedicated to the brilliant and awesome Riri Williams, an African American heroine and engineering student who in the comics brings together the legacy of Tony Stark by building — with materials found on campus — armor similar to Iron Man. She is the actress Dominic Thorne.

Spider-Man: Year One

The logo for the new series titled Disney + Day has also been introduced Spider-Man: Year One, an animation project that will follow a very young Peter Parker in the lead-up to becoming a hero Shoots cobwebs from MCU. An adventure with a dramatic flavor for teenagers in which we will see an immature Spider-Man with high school and teenage problems.

sound echo

Also appears is the official logo of sound echo, the transverse series of hook Dedicated to Maya Lopez, the Native American hero and the first deaf character in the MCU. played before Alaqua Cox A prominent member of New Avengers In the comics, the young woman has a photographic memory that allows her to replicate just about any style she sees, just like a villain. Task ManagerAlready seen in the cinema Black Widow.

what if…? 2

After the first season, the anime series was renewed for a second cycle of episodes what if…?Turns out, it reimagines the most famous events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, creating a multiverse of infinite possibilities. So we are ready for a new series of adventures in the name of “… and if it went differently?”

secret invasion

The trailer dedicated to Skrull’s silent invasion of Earth has appeared with a new logo and a first look Nick Fury, character played before Samuel L. Jackson Which we’ll see come back together Ben Mendelsohn, who will reprise the role of Talos. Along with them also new entrances Kingsley Ben Adair, Olivia Colman so Emilia Clarke.

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