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Haunted in Venice, Hercule Poirot chases ghosts in the first trailer for the film

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Just over a year after the release of Murder on the NileAll together, the world’s most famous private detective Sherlock Holmes Ready to return in new condition: Kenneth Branagh He regrows his mustache and is back as Hercule Poirot to haunting in Venice – which has now been displayed First teaser trailer.

In his third film as director and actor, Branagh will now work on adapting the 1969 novel he wrote Agatha ChristieAnd Halloween party. No revenge or tortured love, this time at the base of the secret there will be more supernatural elements: «Murder and ghosts A man with a mustache and a sharp nose does not resist finding new culpritsBranagh himself said diverse.

Released in Italy, titledPoirot and the Massacre of the InnocentsThe original novel during the preparations for the Halloween party 13-year-old girl, who claims to have witnessed a murder, years before. She is found dead, drowned in a bucket of water, and once again Hercule Poirot is called upon to shed light on the mystery. haunting in VeniceHowever, it looks like it’s going to take a slightly different direction.

In Post-WWII VenicePoirot reluctantly agrees to end his retirement and Attend a session in the palace which is said to be haunted. After one of the guests is killed, it is still up to him to turn on the gray cells to solve the mystery. «We are all afraid tonight. We cannot hide from our ghosts whether they are real or notsays the detective at the end of a sudden horror teaser.

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In the cast, in addition to Kenneth Branagh, will be a new show to star in: The New Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh You will play the medium who conducts the seance, while Tina Fey She will be Poirot’s friend, the writer Ariadne Oliver; Besides them, there will also be Kelly Rileyitalian Riccardo Scamarcio The pair is formed by Jamie Dornan And Jude Hillagain as father and son after that Belfast By the Northern Ireland manager himself.

The expected release date of haunting in Venicea story that has never before been adapted for the big screen September 15, 2023.

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