Home entertainment Student and resident representatives in a film about the neighborhood

Student and resident representatives in a film about the neighborhood

Student and resident representatives in a film about the neighborhood

Forty teenagers of different nationalities will begin auditions for the short filming of Sergio Scavio in March at various locations in the historic city center

Sassari. Forty of them participated, learned the text by heart or tried – more enthusiastically than the question – to interpret the allotted part in the best possible way, reciting in a classroom on the ground floor of the middle school in Via Sebastiano Satta, in the heart of the historic centre.

In front of the camera of Sergio Scavio, director of Sassari who has been following the project with the school for years and which has already led to the production of four shorts in the neighborhood since 2018, students of the Instituto San Donato Comprehensive for the past few days have tried to persuade the film team to allocate two parts of the short film to be shot In March fully in the city center.

The film, which will be titled “Features” (which in musical jargon means a musician’s participation in another artist’s record) tells the story of two children who dream of making music and breaking into the world of hip-hop.

In the cast of the short film for the project “New World: Neighborhood Cinema Workshop”, young people from 11 to 15 years old presented themselves. Along with many of Sassari’s teens, they are looking forward to co-starring in the film as they are very young from Senegal, Romania, Poland, Russia and Nigeria. Everyone goes to school in the historical center, which, thanks to the project related to the cinema, created an exhibition room inside the old school complex. In tests with the director Sergio Scavio Two of the film’s heroes were present: rapper Sasari low red And one of its producers Vero, also known as Samuele Masia, also from Sassari. Special Guest Director Antonello GrimaldiWho will participate in the filming by playing one of the characters in the story.

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