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Stubborn whirlwind, more thunderstorms, hail, wind and flood. Related areas until Friday »

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Weather Next Hour: Stubborn Cyclone, Heavy Thunderstorms, Hail, Wind and Flood. Areas concerned until Friday

The risk of bad weather is high in some parts of ItalyStubborn hurricane vortex While the weather has been adversely affecting many parts of our country for several days, its center of gravity has shifted slightly to the west. At this hour we see that it is close to the Balearic Islands, from which point it still causes many disturbances in Italy. They are really in place Rain Scattered and local Temporary In many corners Sicily, In Lazio, In Abruzzo And in some areas North As is the case in the south of Emilia and Lombardy, even though events in these latter areas are in a state of exhaustion.

So again one day there are all the conditions to live in danger Bad weather Our latest data is processed for multiple regions and to give us further confirmation Official APP.
We will continue to book in the morning Rainfall Sometimes even Consistent In the central Tyrrhenian field, especially in the open sea and southern regions Sicily. Events here can gain strong consistency with local thunderstorms Storms And some hail. Unfortunately, this environment always carries a high level of risk Sediment.
With the exception of some rain in the east, things will get better for the rest of the country Sardinia And on the western alpine reliefs.

In Part II On Weather film It does not record any specific shocks. Still under surveillance Sicily Pigeon Heavy rain e Temporary They will be in effect until the evening when we expect events to gradually subside.
Some showers will continue to be wet Sardinia And in the course Afternoon Beaches South Tucson e Western Liguria. Lots of clouds, but dry weather in other parts of the country, alpine and pre-alpine areas and some northeastern areas potentially scary.
Again the rainfall is remarkable In the evening Also on Tyrrhenian fields Lazio And internally in the north of Campania and Calabria South.

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Also beware of strong Scirocco winds Tyrion and Ionian With notes At 50 km. However Strong winds from the northern hemisphere Liquoria de Levante e, From the west, On high Sardinia (Bonifacio Strait) The real ones are expected there Storms With Will rise at a speed of 100/110 km per hour. More details here.

The hurricane will then move its center of gravity further southwest, but will cause some more disruption. Friday 12 When Rain It will still be wet in the west Sardinia, Internal parts of Lazio And some properties Abruzzo, Molise, Campania e Calabria.

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