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Strong in setting, insecure in life. Childlessness is not a priority –

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From Valerio Capelli

The actress in a teen comedy welcomes the “little-obsessed” daughter of her dead best friend. “I also, as in the movie, erred in my encounters, my friends say that in the cinema I reward the toilets I had in masochistic periods”

Cagliari What happens to the girl protagonist Love and Gelato By Brandon Camp (from 22 on Netflix, premiered at the Filming Italy Sardegna Festival in the village of Forte), Valentina Ludovini has experienced an uprooting journey “to dive into a dream that was cinema. I come from the Tuscan countryside, and I wanted to do the pilot, thinking that now in those lanes my picture as a former student dressed as Piero Tosi makes an impression on me. I found myself in a hotel called Cinecittà. I didn’t know anyone. I was 22 years old.”

In this Teen Comedy, Valentina is a lonely woman who loves life and welcomes the daughter of her best friend, the American photographer who died, on her training journey. “The girl is a bit obsessive, clumsy, 15 years younger than Bridget Jones. In Rome he will meet two young men who will change their view of the world and his view of life.” He will also make false encounters, and Valentina says: “This happened to me too. I had beautiful and hallucinatory friends, especially Toilets. My friends say that in the movies I get rewarded for the toilets I had in masochistic times. They also say it for my character, because they are convinced that the characters who talk to me are better than me.” Do you think of his reputation as a pain in the ass?” No, On the contrary, this is a rumor created over time and I don’t know how, I’m not at all, I’m just a person with a great moral sense of work. Then in the group I adapt. I take care not to complain, sometimes unnecessary short circuits are generated, and I remember very well at 16 helping my parents at their hardware store. Today I learned about my privileges.”

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And what do her friends point out then? “The fact that I’m more insecure than the women in my films, because they are so strong, sunny, and scalpels is my physique. So far, I haven’t really brought insecurities into the picture. The physical tells us one thing, the interior another. I haven’t had a movie sewn into me yet. But in Theater I had a wonderful opportunity in Franca Ram’s monologue The Whole House, Bed and Church: I divide myself among four women, I sing, and dance, and act, as I interpret their men, and so many voices, bodies, and accents. When I had to enter the scene I felt like an animal whose cage had been opened.”

In the movie, the girl tells that she is not afraid to be herself. “It’s the hardest battle.” What are you afraid of? There are many causes, war, epidemic and environment. I am 44 years old, I think of my grandchildren.” The lack of motherhood… “It’s never been a priority, it’s something that doesn’t belong to me, I say this with deep respect, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a motherly meaning.” Love & Gelato is a bit like America looking at us Italians, the passion for food, and the fact that we drive crazy… “That’s how they see us, of course we’re not just that stuff, but I’d like to say that from director Brandon Camp, who’s from Los Angeles, I felt appreciated, desired, and demanded to see all my movies. Going back to the plot of the movie, I’ve never made the training flight, if it’s an escape from reality, it’s useless. The best thing if we do work on ourselves is not to expect.”

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