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Street and Siger in the spotlight. Focus on the right side

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After outperforming Andres Ambul, who became the player with the most matches in the World Cup (123), on Sunday definitively dedicates other players for a long time in our hockey game: they waited for this moment for two years, after the names were inducted into the Hall of Fame, It is the highest honor for the player, and after the concert was postponed twice due to the pandemic, Matthias Seeger and Mark Street were finally able to experience that exciting moment, reaching the Gotha international ice hockey. “He is very pleased. Have you ever thought about that? Not to mention…just look at the other names that appear out there, to understand how shocking knowing you might be there can be. I remember when I got the news it was noon and I was getting ready for lunch … ”says the forty-four-year-old defender from Sangallo, at a hockey Olympus where there are now seven Rosocrostiennes (the others are Pepe Torriani, Hans and Ferdinand Catini, Cesare Luthi and Kobe Kolliker) “In the past 20 years, hockey at the level of development has really made great strides, and Switzerland has also shown it in this World Cup, even if, unfortunately, they could not reach the decisive weekend – adds Seger, who during his career wore the T-shirt The national team on 305 occasions -. And in the future I think things will get better and better, because the path he took is the right one, and we will see how far he will lead.”

Of the six new faces ending up in the Hall of Fame (other new entries are Finn Kimmo Timonen, Russia’s Alexei Yashin, Dutch Ron Berteling, and South Korean Mong-Won Chung), intriguingly three of them, Seger, Streit and Timonen are of the defenders. In fact, it probably won’t happen again that three defenders end up in the Hall of Fame with one hit, in fact there are usually more attackers who can project themselves, to the sound of goals. So it is good that there are three defensive artists in the spotlight for once.” Even if, nowadays, for Seger who shut down his ski boots four years ago, all of that is now a thing of the past. “Now I have more time to devote to my family: I am professionally active in a brewery, and it has always been a dream for me, but then there are also two more projects in the pipeline…”.

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On the contrary, the days of Mark Street continue to revolve around the world of hockey. And not just because of his role on the Berne board of directors. “This is part of my life – says the forty-four-year-old former Bayern defender. I am also on the right track with the youth, I need to keep in touch with the ice and I am happy to be able to make my contribution to future talent, I think it is important to transfer Then there’s a pioneering project I’ve launched on it for four years now with the birth of Norqain, an independent watchmaker close to the hockey world: for example, we’re in charge of timekeeping at the Spengler Cup and we partner with Nhlpa (Nhl Players Association) , ed.), which means they are often in North America) ».

Other trips, in short, after a career already full of adventures. “Yes, it was a long career in which I was able to try a lot of things – Streit, who alone in the National Hockey League was able to play 820 games, concludes in the jerseys of Montreal, New York Islanders, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh – . I’ll admit I’m proud now that I was able to get my name in the Hall of Fame, and I’m glad I was able to do so at the same time as Segi, the person I’ve shared so much with. And the fact that for the first time, three defenders can boast this honor in one shot, well, maybe it’s a coincidence, but (laughs) I’ve always insisted that the defenders are the most important players in the game. For once, attention was focused on the right side.”

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